The Grand Zodiac Returns with Launch of Pangya Tomahawk’s The Second Journey


SG Interactive, a leading North American free-to-play game publisher, announced today that Pangya: Tomahawk players can return to the magical floating island of The Grand Zodiac with this week’s launch of The Second Journey update. Returning from this summer’s Pangya Global Cup Tournament Challenge, the Grand Zodiac challenges gamers to make hole-in-one shots from high above the world of Pangya. During the launch of The Second Journey, players will have a chance to earn their own pair of Obsidian Guardian Wings, an exclusive new item that increases the chance at performing a perfect Pangya swing.

Along with the island’s return, The Second Journey update also brings a new way to play: Hole Repeat Mode. Now players have the choice between either playing an 18-hole round or playing a specific hole multiple times, to better improve their skills.

“The hole-in-one game that we introduced with The Grand Zodiac back in June was extremely popular, and since the Tournament Challenge ended, players have been requesting it back” said Joan Kim, Pangya producer for SG Interactive. “So what better way to welcome the fall season with its return, along with a new play mode, new items and what may be our best prize ever in the form of the Obsidian Guardian Wings. ”

Available in this week’s content update, The Second Journey also includes two new in-game items players can enjoy on their favorite courses. Joining the Self Design Shirt and Skirt, the new Self Design Dress offers gamers a blank canvas that they can express their creativity on, and ultimately wear on their in-game avatar. The new Club Card Patcher adds even more customization for players, allowing them to alter in-game statistics instantly, on clothing or can even be slotted into their favorite clubs. And with the increased gains on experience, players can reach the next level of play faster than ever.

Players can find more about The Second Journey and the Hole in One event by visiting the following link.

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