The Killing Floor Hillbilly Horror Event

With Halloween almost here, the Killing Floor team at Tripwire Interactive has come out with their Halloween event. Hillbilly Horror takes place in the South, where you’ll find Bubba and his zombified family. The description of the trailer above states, “Turns out, not very surprisingly, that it has been leaking a glowing green goop into the local lake where Bubba and his kin have been dynamiting catfish for generations. Bubba did try to explain to the local Horzine execs that this was not what Al Gore meant by a “green revolution”, but all he got was a face full of buckshot for his troubles.”

There are 4 new weapons: the MKb 42, Dragon’s Breath shotgun, Vlad 9000 nail gun and a grenade for the medic. The Reaper skin is unlocked by completing the new achievements. There is also a four-weapon community pack, consisting of a flare pistol, scythe, buzzsaw bow and a tommy gun, brought to you by IJC. This pack, along with the new Chickenator DLC, where you play as a twitching, robot chicken, is content that has a 50% discount until November 6th. Finally, Killing Floor will be at 75% off during the whole event!