The Last of Us DLC Announced

Naughty Dog has just announced the first and only DLC for The Last of Us, Left Behind. The story backpedals on goes back prior on Ellies history before she met Joel. The new Abandoned Territories map pack will also be available, more details on the upcoming multiplayer will be released on upcoming bundles. The new DLC will contain a bunch of new multiplayer maps and The Last Of Us season pass but if you aren’t interested you can purchase just the single player for $14.99 at the PS store. The DLC will launch in early of 2014 but you can pre-order it starting November 19, 2013. As for the other bundles they will come with separate items and all vary depending on which one you choose such as the Nightmare Mask, Flaming Motorcycle Helment, Rooster Hat or Battle Mask.. As for the season pass players this should remain free for you, as for others if you’re wondering how much is bundle is just look at the list listed below.

Government Issue Bundle – Releases November 19 for $8.99.

Rally Bundle – Releases December 3 for $8.99.

Bygones Bundle – Releases December 17 for $8.99.