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The Lord of the Rings Online: Riders of Rohan to launch Autumn 2012

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and Turbine announced today The Lord of the Rings Onlineâ„¢: Riders of Rohanâ„¢, the next expansion to the award-winning free-to-play massively multiplayer online roleplaying game (MMORPG), will launch Autumn 2012 in the UK.

This game features:

·         Introducing Mounted Combat — Ride into Combat atop your loyal War-steed as you defend the people of Rohan from the forces of Isengard and Mordor. Customize your War-steed’s armor and level its skills over time to aid you in mounted defense of King Théoden’s lands. Mount your steed and gather your fellows to fight against Warbands, contingents of roving wargs and orcs that have been scouted all over the Plains of Rohan! It falls to you to head off and defeat this new threat before they over take the land.

·         Explore Largest Landscape Yet! — Nearly three times as large as Moria! Join with the Rohirrim and ride across the sprawling Eastern Plains of Rohan. Raise high your sword to fight for honor and glory in the name of Théoden King! Experience hundreds of new quests, earn new favor, gear, deeds and more!

·         The Epic Story Continues — The Fellowship is on the move once again and must achieve their task at all cost. It falls to you to clear the path and turn the Eye of the Enemy away from their progress as you aid the Rohirrim in their own struggle close by. Witness the breaking of the Fellowship at Amon Hen; forge alliances with the Ents of Fangorn; and aid Éomer, nephew of Théoden, as he seeks to protect his homeland from the growing Shadow.

·         Advance to Level 85 — Learn what it means to be Rohirrim as you face new challenges throughout the Riddermark on your journey to level 85. Continue your legend as you grow in power with new skills and deeds and earn new armor and gear to aid you in the battles to come.

This game has a Legendary Edition!!!! And this is what it has:

o   The Steed of the Eastemnet – An exclusive Rohirrim Mount available immediately with matching War-steed appearance available when Riders of Rohan launches

o   Armor of the Eastemnet — An exclusive full set of Rohirrim cosmetic armour

o   Friend of the Mark — An exclusive in-game Rohirrim title

o   6th Inventory Bag – An inventory bag that grants 15 additional storage slots

o   Crystal of Remembrance – Adds one additional legacy to your legendary weapon

o   Exclusive Rohan Content — Discover the lineage of the great War-steeds and earn a mounted combat deed that grants an exclusive skill for your War-steed

o   Pre-Purchase Bonuses:

Rohan Elite Guard Statted Cloak — A box of four level 75 statted cloaks that allows you to choose a power bonus for your hero type The Outriders Token — A 25% XP Boost for all characters on your account that will last up to level 75 Rohirrim Soldier on Landscape Appearance — Upon reaching level 20, you can customize your Soldier on Landscape with a Rohirrim Appearance.

Heroic Edition – Includes the full Riders of Rohan Expansion plus:

o   The Steed of the Eastemnet – An exclusive Rohirrim Mount

o     Friend of the Mark — An exclusive in-game Rohirrim title

o   Friend of the Mark — An exclusive in-game Rohirrim title

o   Evendim, Moria, and Lothlórien Quest Packs — Over 650 quests, 10 fellowship instances, and two raids