Three years ago, shortly after the massive worldwide success of the re-imagined film version of Star Trek, the creators of the upcoming STAR TREK The Video Game began their journey to bring an entirely new adventure to gamers.

This game is scheduled to release April 26th and as always we all have to brace ourselves for another video game based off a movie, as history tells us over and over again these types of games just DO NOT WORK! But there is nothing we can do about that the game is going to be made all we can do is reluctantly play the game in hopes that it will actually be a solid, fun, and addictive game. Don’t hope too much though, as you can see in the trailer the graphics are definitely solid and the game does look promising but that’s just because there suppose to make it look promising. In the new video feature above that was released today by Paramount Pictures, Miller explains more about the creation of STAR TREK The Video Game and the co-op play that gamers will experience in it.

“Kirk is this brash cowboy character, whereas Spock is the exact opposite – and when you break down Star Trek to those elements, you had to make a co-op game,” Miller says. “There was no other game we could possibly make.”