The Old Republic gets Voiced

9 In the latest Bioware Dev. Diary for “Star Wars: The Old Republic” we get to see Lex Luthor tell us a bit of how the latest MMO will incorporate voice overs for a more immersive experience. Everything from NPCs to ship computers will have their say.

Now i have no doubt that this will be everything that Star Wars Galaxies wasn’t, I have some serious issues with the character design though. What the hell is up with the 20degree slant on some of these characters? what are they pimps? and who’s emotastic idea was it to use such a played out hairstyle? I get that there is a lot of anime influence in here, but did it have to be Americanized anime influence?

Ok, iv said my piece, enjoy the video.

My character is never, ever taking off it’s helmet….EVER!!!!