seven deadly sinsHEY ANIME FANS! Do you like action packed anime with a great story and character development then THE SEVEN DEADLY SINS IS FOR YOU. This awesome anime is addicting, funny, and just heart capturing. It’s about a princess trying to save her country from its corruptness so she heads out in search of the Seven Deadly Sins believing only they can save her country from the corrupt Holy Knights. The Seven Deadly Sins used to be a part of the Holy Knights until they were accused of plotting a coup causing them to flee the country. The Sins were known to be the strongest knights of them all which is why the princess is in search for them. Honestly my favorite character which is the main character is the sin of wrath Meliodas the Dragon Sin. He has a kind heart that matches Narutos and Gokus (DBZ), but he is also perverted like Aladdin (MAGI), and Master Roshi (DBZ). Meliodas’s bond with his best friend Ban the immortal is priceless there is just entirely too much that’s good about this anime to not give it away but I will put the trailer so you can see for yourself