The Surge | Gameplay – Bad Day at the Office

Deck 13’s Jan Klose stated that The Surge’s setting was in large part inspired by contemporary sociopolitical and environmental issues. Deck 13 researched current developments in AI and cybernetics in order to flesh out the game’s future tech concepts. The Surge’s world is populated by both human survivors, sentient non-humans, and robots. Advanced pre-catastrophe technology plays a key role, both in the narrative and as a gameplay element. The game’s protagonist is not a soldier, but wears an exoskeleton and has access to bio-mechanical upgrades which also feature prominently in the game’s crafting and upgrade systems.

The Surge was announced in August 2015. The game was in the initial stages of development at the point, and as such, the announcement was only accompanied by concept art. German site PCGamesHardware showcased the gameplay footage for The Surge in March 2016.

The early gameplay footage focused on The Surge’s melee combat. One notable difference is the inclusion of slow-motion combat finishers. It is not known as of now whether the finishers merely add flair to the action or play a more significant role in the combat system. The Surge will be running on Deck 13’s own Fledge engine and will likely feature close integration of Nvidia Gameworks so dynamic cloth and particle effects, and Gameworks integration will likely carry over to The Surge.