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The Ultimate Blu-Ray Enhancement for the PS3 Available Now From BLAZE


The BLAZE HDMI Cable & Remote gives us the tools to capture every last ounce of usability and quality from the PS3 in one single solution with its fully featured, stylish wireless remote control and high definition HDMI Cable.

The remote control uses the latest wireless technology to simply command your PS3 movie playback features with the simplicity you would expect from a high-end dedicated Blu-Ray player. All the functions are at your fingertips including Play, Pause, Skip and scan whilst the central panel offers one-touch menu navigation for scene selections, viewing options and audio tweaks.

If it is crystal clear high definition viewing you need then one of the best ways to connect your video hardware is via a HDMI interface. The new BLAZE pack includes a gold plated high quality HDMI cable enabling true HD Blu-Ray viewing from your PS3.

The new BLAZE HDMI Cable & Remote pack gives you the usability and quality you need to use your PS3 as the heart of your home entertainment system.

The BLAZE HDMI Cable & Remote Pack is available now from and all good video games stores for £19.99.

Key Features:
Optimum PS3â„¢ Movie Viewing and Navigation!
• Enhance your Blue-ray DVD Viewing on your PS3
• High Quality Video and audio output
• Stylish remote design with intuitive layout
• Pause, skip, scan and navigate menus from the comfort of your chair
• The ultimate upgrade for your PS3