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The Ultimate Man Cave

Weather your a fan of Halo or not, and if your not something’s wrong with you (begin fanboy war) you have to love what Greg Fullerton AKA DonkieKong76 from Cali has built himself.

Greg  has three tower speakers ( frontR, frontL, Center) each handle 130w. Custom isolated stands so they can lay on their sides. Then four Surrounds All 115w peak . the two in the back custom isolated stands. The two on the sides custom isolated hangers.

Projector is a 720p Sanyo z5 which he has set to display 150″ inches of awesomeness , Stereo is a Yamaha 1100w 7.1 that is THX Certified. Subwoofer is a 8” Genelec 100w self-powered. They are made for production studios. The floor is made of separate floor displays from when Linens and things went bankrupt. 160 pieces of 2×2 sound isolation Foam. Mountain Dew-packed fridge, work bench/station and el wire trim lighting.

This is not just dedication people this is love, this makes my set up look like crap all i got right now is my Casio projector rocking an 103″ 1080 display i hope to one day get to the level that Greg is at. I be posting up any updates Greg does on his slice of gaming heaven in the future, in the mean time if you got a sweet man cave or know of one, let us know.