The Ultimate Superhero Pinball experience is now available on NINTENDO 3DS


Superhero Pinball, pottery creation fruity Sudoku puzzles as well as some of the best of Nintendo eShop at a special price in week two of the Anniversary Sale

– Some of the most powerful Superheroes from the Marvel Universe come to Nintendo 3DS this week in Marvel Pinball 3D, available to download from the Nintendo eShop. Created by Zen Studios, the premier videogame pinball makers, the critically acclaimed Marvel Pinball is now available for the first time in 3D, only on Nintendo 3DS. Bringing together the exciting Marvel Universe including some of its most famous heroes and frantic arcade action, Marvel Pinball 3D is a must buy for comic book and pinball fans alike.

Available on Nintendo DSiWare this week is Let’s Create Pottery, making crafting ceramics and pottery easier and more fun than ever before. Simply throw the clay on the pottery wheel and unleash your artistic side by taking advantage of dozens of materials available in order to create your own designs. If you are looking for some colourful Sudoku fun then you will love Lola’s Fruit Shop Sudoku, also available on Nintendo DSiWare this week. By working with Lola the Panda, kids from a wide range of age groups will learn logical thinking through fun and colourful Sudoku puzzles designed especially for them.

Also don’t miss the opportunity to get some of a variety of downloadable games available for Nintendo 3DS at a reduced price, when the Anniversary Sale to celebrate one year of Nintendo eShop enters its second and final week.

Special offers, only valid from 28th June to 5th July:
· Dillon’s Rolling Westernâ„¢ for €8 / £7.20 (from €10 / £9)
· Freakyforms™ Your Creations, Alive! for €4.80 / £4.30 (from €6 / £5.40)
· Fun! Fun! Minigolf TOUCH! for €4 / £3.60 (from €5 / £4.50)
· Mighty Switch Force! for €4.80 / £4.30 (from €6 / £5.40)
· Super Mario Land™ 2 6 Golden Coins™ for €3.20 / £2.90 (from €4 / £3.60)

Check out all the latest offerings which are available for download this Thursday via Nintendo eShop and the Wii Shop Channel below.
Title Platform Available on Price Point Further Info Contact
Marvel Pinball 3D
(Zen Studios) Nintendo 3DS (Download Software) Nintendo eShop
£6.30 (UK Only) Mel Kirk
Game Description: Marvel Pinball is now in stunning 3D. The premiere pinball experience from Zen Studios has arrived on Nintendo 3DS. Marvel Pinball 3D is the ultimate Super Hero pinball experience, featuring original tables based on characters from the Marvel Universe.
Let’s Create! Pottery
(Infinite Dreams) Nintendo 3DS
(DSiWare) Nintendo eShop €5
£4.50 (UK Only) Marek Wyszy?ski
Nintendo DSi (DSiWare) Nintendo DSi Shop 500 Nintendo DSi Points
Game Description: Free your creativity with “Let’s Create! Pottery”. Making ceramics has never been more simple and fun. Become a true artist and create one of a kind pottery items and share them with your friends.
Lola’s Fruit Shop Sudoku
Nintendo 3DS
(DSiWare) Nintendo eShop €2
£1.80 (UK Only) Mika Heikinheimo

Nintendo DSi (DSiWare) Nintendo DSi Shop 200 Nintendo DSi Points
Game Description: Lola Panda does it again – making it fun to develop logical thinking! Now
kids can enjoy the fun and challenge of Sudoku in a form especially designed for them. Lola’s Fruit Shop Sudoku game is playable even by 4 year old children, yet still challenging enough for 8-9 year old kids.

The SpotPassâ„¢ feature on Nintendo 3DS allows you to automatically receive a host of exciting content such as 3D videos for Nintendo Videoâ„¢, notifications, add-on data for your software and system updates without lifting a finger. SpotPass content can be received automatically and free of charge from thousands of supported public Wi-Fi access points across Europe and through wireless broadband internet connections at home. It works even if the system is in Sleep Mode.

Available again this week via Nintendo Video are two 3D trailers for the upcoming films The Amazing Spider Man and Ice Age 4 – Continental Drift. The upcoming film The Amazing Spider Man is based around Peter Parker’s journey to find out why his parents disappeared when he was young, after finding an important clue. And in Ice Age 4 – Continental Drift, the usual suspects – Manny, Diego and Sid – embark on yet another epic adventure after their continent is set adrift.

Making a return to Nintendo Video this week is the second part in the series of previously released Kid Icarus 3D Anime clips titled Thanatos Rising Part Two. If you missed out the first time round then be sure to check out the first in the series of entertaining clips on your Nintendo 3DS this week.

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