The Walking Dead Returns to AMC tonight!!!

walking dead

Finally what everyone has been waiting for. The walking dead will return to AMC tonight. When we saw the show last we were left with a giant cliffhanger. Finally all of our questions will be answered. Tonight could be the hugest night of television since the Superbowl. The walking dead has become the best show on television due to its huge popularity. Zombies, Guns, Crossbows, how could anyone not like the Walking Dead.

Last time we saw the Walking Dead we saw Rick’s group invade the governors house. Rick was successful in retrieving Glen and Maggie. They raised hell in the Governors town. They even managed to stab out one of the Governors eyes out. With all of the action going on in the episode there was a huge cliffhanger in the end. Fan favorite Daryl Dixon was captured by the Governor and it looked like he was going to be in a impossible situation. Tonight we will find out what happens to everybody.