The Walking Dead Review.

First of all let me start of by saying, I’ve been a fan since the comics, then the show when I heard that a game was in development I feared the worst, I was expecting a Dead Rising rip off or a House of the Dead clone. Then I heard Telltale was the studio behind it and after seeing what they’ve recently done with Jurassic Park I was actually relieved, (By the way if you haven’t played Jurassic Park do so) so with that said let’s get on to the actual game.

The Walking Dead is broken down into 5 “episodes” which is probably the only complaint I have about the game, the story and gameplay is so addicting that I wanted to keep playing for hours. But other than that the Walking Dead is an amazing game, the story has you play as Lee who is on the wrong side of the law unlike Rick Grimes from the comics and show. And unlike Rick where he woke up from the coma after all the chaos, For Lee everything if unfolding around him.

You start the game stumbling out off a car accident, where Lee first gets exposed to the “Walkers” you quickly make your way over a fence and into the back yard of a house where you meet Clementine, and that’s where all the fun begins.

You are left with a moral dilemma when you encounter fellow survivors. Do you hide Lee’s criminal past due to fear of not being trusted or are you honest and hope for the best?, Two survivors are being attacked, who do you help? Every decision you do will shape the narrative of The Walking Dead and Lee’s relationship with his fellow survivors.

Just like the comics and show this game has high quality writing along with the voice acting, playing this game feels like you are living through the experience. Which makes it just as addicting as the show and comics.

I give The Walking Dead a 9 / 10 a must buy.