The War Z closed Beta Countdown begins!

More than 1 million players have registered and are awaiting  to face hordes of zombies! Well the wait won’t be that long because Arktos Entertainment Group and Hammerpoint  Interactive announced today that the closed beta for The War Z will begin on October 31st! There is a way to get access to their online, multiplayer, survival-simulation game by October 15th! How? Well you just buy one of the two early purchase packages! The sweetest thing about all this is that RIGHT NOW these packages are discounted for a limited time and they go as followed:


  • $19.49 USD until October 20th then the price will go up to $29.99 USD.
  • Game access on October 31st!

Pioneer( also includes Early Alpha Access)

  • $29.99 USD until October 20th then the price goes up to $49.99 USD.
  • Game access on October 15th!
  • Bonuses that include $15 of in-game currency, a special forum Badge that shows that the player was an early Pioneer community member, and a one-month “Stronghold” map server hosting in which players can create a unique world within the game.

The War Z is an online, multiplayer, survival- simulation game that is set in a world infested with zombies. The Players goal in this game is to survive this post-apocalyptic  world that has become lawless. This world is set five years after a horrible viral outbreak that tore apart the human population.

The first area in this world that will be available to those that actually get into the closed Beta is “Colorado”!

To purchase one of the packages from up above you can go to

To learn more you can go to