The World’s Biggest LAN Party Had Over 22,000 Computers.


Over the weekend, Dreamhack Winter went on. It started in 1994 with a couple of Swedish guys, who rented out a school hall to just play video games. And know it’s the largest LAN party bringing in 25,000 PC gamers to one spot for games, music and cosplay.

Last year the amount of PC gamers was 17,618 at the party. That was crushed this year by 22,483 computers being registered at the event. Also a grant total of 26,672 visitors. 2000 more visitors than last years.

With the casual gaming and parties, it also featured some big eSports events. Such as Counter-Strike, StarCraft, DOTA, and even Hearthstone.

Here’s a better picture showing a top view of the gamers.


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