Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Releases Today!

Hello to all fellow gamers, please have a warm welcome to the soon to be released game, Theatrhythm Final Fantasy! The great series Final Fantasy, maker of indieszero and published by Square Enix, had added another addition to their popular collection and let me tell you, this game will give everyone the talent of a composer.

This rhythm video game which is for the Nintendo 3DS, involves using touch screen to tap away to the pieces of music from the Final Fantasy series. The game chases the events of the gods, Chaos & Cosmos. The space between the two is called Rhythm, which gives birth to a crystal that controls music, isn’t that interesting? The demonic creature, Chaos, causes the crystal to become disrupted and the only way to return it to normal is to increase a music wave called, “Rhythpo”.  Many characters from the Final Fantasy universe are brought together in order to harness the magnificent power of Rhythpo.  To me, that’s a game that’s worth buying because of it’s amusing story line.

Now for the details you’ve been waiting to find, the gameplay consists of players taking control of four Final Fantasy characters, and select a Final Fantasy game from the first FF to FFXII. Each game has three stages, field, battle, and lastly, event. Each stage is different from the other; once a stage is finished, and the characters level up. For the beginners and rhythm masters alike, the difficulty can be changed so relax. Another cool thing about this game is that throughout it, you can unlock music and movie scenes. Basically, you tap on the screen in correct spots to the beat of the music playing. Those are three unique game styles that are located in the main game section.

In addition, the main goal is to reach the end of the stage before the music ends where another character is waiting to give the player a mysterious item. If you play well, you speed up if not, you fall down. Another awesome thing is that you can ride a chocobo (creature) in each level for a speed boost. Those are the details for the Field Music.  Battle Music is when you kick some butt to the enemies by tapping notes correctly. Main goal is to kill all of your enemies and then face the big bad boss character during the duration of the song. The notes come in from left-to-right; you tap the note, swipe your handy dandy stylus in a direction or hold the stylus down for a long note. Good timing is rewarded by your character attacks to become more powerful or get some wicked special abilities. You the player have the opportunity to perform one summon attack each battle. The Event Music Scene includes one or more scenes from the Final Fantasy game you chose. Character stats and abilities other than Hit Points don’t affect these stages.

Also, there is a “Challenge Mode” that allows you to choose the Battle, Overworld, or Dramatic music from one of the Final Fantasy games you have already cleared the normal difficulty of in Series Mode. You play these one stage at a time, if an A rank or better is received on a song, a higher difficulty is unlocked. Unlocking a higher difficulty for all three songs from a Final Fantasy game will unlock that difficulty in Series Mode. With Challenge Mode there is a “no fail” practice option for each stage.

Finally, for the music section of the game, there is a “Chaos Tower” mode, Total of 99 levels, with 2 stages per level. For each level there are 3 possible bosses, with each boss dropping three items for a total of 9 potential item drops per level. The items are usually rarer items or crystals needed to unlock extra characters. If one scores high enough in the first field music stage, a sign will appear indicating they will go to “Boss 2 or 3”, who will have better item drops. These levels have a difficulty level between the 2nd and 3rd levels from Challenge Mode. This game has downloadable content allowing players to purchase new songs and stages from the Nintendo eShop.

This amazing game will be released July 3, 2012 which is today. GET your money and get this fun filled game is what I recommend.