This week in Comics (1-9-10)

Death to Asgard, let the Siege begin!!!

Siege (Part 1 of 4)

Written by Brian Michael Bendis

Art by Olivier Coipel

So at long last Siege is upon us, an event 7 years in the making [although I strongly doubt that they planned for it 7 years ago]. Many fans have been dreading this event that will undoubtedly suck our wallets dry, but Marvel decided it make it a short and sweet 4-part mini-series and I will give them credit for answering our pleas. Everyone who has been reading Marvel books has most likely seen the preview teaser placed in the back of just about every issue so I know I won’t be spoiling too much here. Siege begins with an “incident” which is oddly reminiscent of the incident that we saw at the beginning of Civil War. Some might address this incident as a complete rip off of the old one, but I however see it as more of being done intentionally to let things have a feel of irony. Bendis wastes no time jumping into the action as the siege upon Asgard goes in without any organized declaration of war. The presentation is absolutely stunning as the art from Olivier Coipel gives us the visuals we need. I don’t think anyone else really could be qualified to draw this event other than Oliver Coipel because he essentially created the Asgard that we are seeing, although the Asgard seen in Siege doesn’t look exactly up to par with the Asgard seen in J. Michael Straczynski’s Thor run but it is still astounding to look at. The character designs that the Olivier draws aren’t exactly as good as his architecture and background designs but they still very emotive and animated. This was a much better opening story than I would have anticipated but there were some flaws with this issue. The biggest problem that I had with it was that it was over way too quick. Like many other Marvel books under the $3.99 price tag Siege featured 2 back-up stories. The first is a transcript of the plan of action against Asgard, I really see no reason that this could not have been illustrated into the book because there was some funny dialogue that most casual reads will be likely to skip over. I also think they had a printing error in the dialogue because they printed the same text twice, so wasting yet another page. Then finally they had a Red Hulk back-up story, which was still hideously bad. Overall I think that Siege is off to a great start, this issue delivered a solid beginning, middle and ending that makes you eager for the next installment. Hopefully we get the full pages of story in the next issue and this saga could be getting some higher marks.