Thoughts on Black Ops 2 League Play

Black Ops 2 has only been out for a couple weeks, but I can easily say that the League Play feature has made this game one of my favorite Call of Duty titles. Of the two League playlists, Moshpit being 6v6 and Champions 4v4, I’ve stuck to Champions, since its more competitive-oriented rule set appealed to me. Players can be placed in divisions and compete against others based on skill. After 100 wins, I ended this trial season with over 7000 points at rank 3 in the Platinum division. Now, this may seem either very good or bad, but I can guarantee that I would have been promoted to Masters if it were not for these few issues.

The first problem was the servers. Every so often, the host of the game would dashboard or there would be some server malfunction (more likely dashboarding!). This would cause everyone in the game to leave, which would give everyone a loss and point deduction. Treyarch needs to tweak this so the game can see who leaves intentionally and penalize the right people. Furthermore, those who were kicked are issued a five minute probation period from searching for matches. While this is annoying, especially to those who did not mean to quit, it is still only five minutes and not enough of an incentive to prevent people from continuing to do so.

Another issue, while one not exclusive to League Play, is who the game assigns as host of the match. There have been a few times where I’ve been given host. I should not be given host. I tether from my phone and use my 3G internet to play Call of Duty. I’ve been getting 3 bars so far, but when I’m host, everyone gets a 1 or 2 bar. It’s the only time I get to know what a 4 bar feels like, but honestly, it pains me to see people doing poorly and dropping rank because of awful connection. Treyarch, stop making me host!

My plea to all the fellow players of League is to get out of party chat and communicate with your teammates! It’s great that most people play the objective, but there is more to it than that. There have been many times where I’ll get in a match with three other randoms and be placed against a team of four. In my experience, the team of four tends to be pretty good and is always making callouts. Communication can change the outcome of a game from a complete shutout to a close one. It will also lessen the chances of your teammates leaving during the first five minutes of the game.

Despite these, I love skill-based matchmaking and think it’s a great way to become better at the game. Even if you lose, it poses an opportunity to analyze your gameplay and work to correct your mistakes. Although the trial season is over, players can still compete in League, but not receive any points. This period is the preseason, where Treyarch will be updating their rules and map rotations. Every item is unlocked, which is good because it doesn’t give others an edge for playing the game longer. I feel that certain items should be restricted from the next season, but we’ll see how Treyarch will react to the community’s feedback. The first official season will begin on December 1st.