Thoughts on Pokemon Conquest

When I heard about this game it sounded great! For the Pokémon fans that caved up in a hole for months, I’ll make a quick recap about the gameplay.

You the player are accompanied by an Eevee to travel through the Ransei Region making friends with Pokémon and battling warriors and Warlords to conquer the region and unite it as one. The gameplay is basically turn-based strategy (back and forth) and different Pokémon able to perform different attacks. Those warlords also have a unique style of battle-changing powers that boost their Pokémon’s powers (Whoa).  After you beat the main story line and defeat the antagonist named Nobunga you take on 32 special episodes each having one of the other warlords and having different ambitions. You have the capability to upgrade the locations within the regions by a bank to find more Pokémon or get better items, and the gift to evolve the rest of the Warlords. (Awesome!)

Now that we got that out of the way (Whew…), let me rant about my thoughts on the plot which is oh-so-exciting! Here we go….

A legend says that whoever unifies all of the 17 kingdoms of Ransei Region actually has the chance of seeing the legendary Pokémon Arceus! And that Pokémon LITERALLY created the Ransei Region. I haven’t played it but you all know what happens when you see a legendary Pokémon, Master Ball come on out! Or if you’re too cool for that bring out your basic Ultra Ball, maybe something else whatever! The player is stated as the new Warlord of Aurora, kingdom of Ignis sends warriors to ambush Aurora but lamely is defeated by you and a pretty girl called Oichi that all of the other kingdoms of Ransei had become feisty towards one other, in their own destiny of gratifying the Ransei Legend (Interesting!) This inspires the player to bring peace on Ransei and unite the other kingdoms. THEN after doing that he settles on the main threat Nobunaga (antagonist). Nobunaga’s goal is to accomplish the Ransei Legend and use Arceus’s power to defeat Ransei (Not so good). Nobunaga, partnered with Zekrom (Hey!)  plans to annihilate Oichi, demanding Oichi and the player to a battle. (Dun-dun-dunnn!) Then the player beats the villan and lived happily ever after, (I think?). I think that the writer of this title did a really good job as usual and I am impressed on how far the Pokémon franchise has come over the years.

Well overall this game sounds amazing and I actually plan on buying it someday. Hope you all enjoyed it too and it if you’re wondering, this game came out on June 18, 2012 for the Nintendo DS. If you haven’t got it and you got a pocket full of cash go and purchase this adventure waiting for you.