Throne of Champions Tournament Trailer

Online registration is now open for our Throne of Champions major tournament on April 19th. It will be a one day all day event consisting of 6 games (listed below). This will be our first of three of these event this year the next two are set to be in August and December in which we’re planning on adding League of Legends to the line up.

This event we will be running.

Call of Duty: Ghost 4v4 team tournament. (Xbox 360)

Madden 25 (Xbox 360)

Smash Bros Melee singles and 2v2s (Wii/Gamecube)

Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 (Xbox 360)

Super Street Fighter 4: AE (Xbox 360)

Killer Instinct. (Xbox One)

For those asking all smash bros players are welcome to take their own set ups (tvs and systems)

Entry fee is $15 per player for early sign ups
and $20 at the door.

You can still sign up at any of our weekly events at our HQ if you prefer to use cash.

The entry fee also includes one meal voucher.

There will be a maximum cap per tournament we’ll
decided day of, but the minimums must be met for payouts to be guaranteed.
Winners will receive 85% of the winnings

Register here with our partners Trojan gaming.

feel free to send any questions to

All game tournaments will begin at 10 am so please arrive at 8:30 for check-in.
Coleman University
8888 Balboa Ave
San Diego CA, 92123