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Thunder vs. Heat Game 3 recap

Watch Game 4 today at 6 P.M. (PT) on ABC

The Miami Heat lead the series 2-1 after beating Oklahoma City Thunder 91-85 in Game 3 of the NBA Finals. LeBron James keeps playing at an MVP-rate, he led Miami with 29 points and 14 points. With a couple more performances as such and the championship-ring jokes stop. Dwayne Wade added 25 points, seven rebounds and seven assists.

Despite Miami’s bad shooting percentage (37%), they made up for it by hitting 31 of their 35 free throw attempts.  Free throws were a huge difference in the game with Heat hitting 31 while Thunder only had 24 attempts and just making 15.

Kevin Durant led Oklahoma with 25 points and six rebounds. Durant picked up his fourth foul with 5:14 left in the third quarter. Thunder was ahead by six and quickly extended the lead to 10.  Once he went to the bench, the Heat were able to grab momentum and take the lead. Russell Westbrook played like an actual point guard, distributing the ball and taking shots when needed and finished the game with 19 points.

Watch Game 4 today at 6 P.M. (PT) on ABC

Miami Heat                                             Oklahoma City Thunder

L. James: 29 Pts 14 Reb 3 Ast               K. Durant: 25 Pts 6 Reb 0 Ast

S. Battier: 9 Pts 3 Reb 0 Ast                  S. Ibaka: 5 Pts 5 Reb 0 Ast

C. Bosh: 10 Pts 11 Reb 0 Ast                 K. Perkins: 10 Pts 12 Reb 0 Ast

D. Wade: 25 Pts 7 Reb 7 Ast                 T. Sefolosha: 6 Pts 2 Reb 1 Ast

M. Chalmers: 2 Pts 3 Reb 3 Ast            R. Westbrook: 19 Pts 6 Reb 6 Ast