Thunder Wolves Pre-orders begin today!

bitComposer Games  has announced that their game Thunder Wolves is up for pre-orders starting today on Steam. The game will be going for a $9.99 on Steam but  there will be a discount of 20% for pre-orders! This game will not only be on the PC but also on Microsoft’s Xbox 360® Entertainment System and Sony’s PlayStation® 3. The dates of these releases are to be announced at a later date. Some of the key features of this game are:

  • A distructable environment in an arcade-style action game
  • Nine helicopters with different Arsenals
  • 13 Missions that include stealth operations, escorts, and seek-and-destroy missions.
  • 3 levels of difficulty: casual, normal and expert.
  • Local Co-op as a pilot and gunner duo.

Thunder Wolves will be available on the 15th. To find out more players can go to