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Timeloop for the iPhone

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iPhone developer Connect2Media is celebrating the success of its latest unique IP Timeloop after it rocketed into the App Store top 50 chart today. From Japan to New Jersey, the game has received consistent critical acclaim from iPhone and general mobile sites based across the world, scooping several reviewer awards and a dedicated mainstream following.

From the same team that created iPhone smash Go! Go! Rescue Squad! Timeloop is a superb combination of devious time-shifting puzzles with superb gameplay and a charming art style. The game follows plucky janitor droid Nik on a quest to rescue a science lab gone haywire and save the trapped scientists and feline test subjects within. Using a handy time-warping device, Nik can work with past versions of himself to overcome 32 stages full of fiendish puzzles.


Timeloop 1.0 key features

-       32 mind increasingly bending puzzles

-       Multiple solutions to almost every puzzle mean that there is always more than one way to skin a cat

-       Gold, Silver and Bronze award categories

-       Rescue stray cats as well as professors


To celebrate Timeloop’s App Store chart success, Connect2Media are extending the launch promotional price of £0.59/€0.79/$0.99.