Tiny Striker now available on iOS & Android!


Fat Fish Games today officially announced its launch of “Tiny Striker”, an action-packed, fast-paced soccer game – available to download from the Apple App Store for iOS and Google Play Marketplace for Android.

“Following the huge success of its predecessors; Tiny Goalie, Tiny Touchdown and Tiny Tennis, we have brought more tiny, pixelated fun to the Tiny Sports franchise. Possibly the most ambitious and addictive installment to date, and just in time to accentuate the World Cup fever.” said Anthony Barker, Creative Director at Fat Fish Games.

“Tiny Striker continues with the same fast and frantic action as seen in the previous titles, such as Tiny Goalie. Its simplistic gameplay, speed and depth, makes the game appeal to both casual and hard-core mobile gamers. The Tiny Sports games’ strength lies in their simplicity – which has so far proved popular across the whole range of Tiny games.

In Tiny Striker the tables have turned, as you now assume the role of the striker, aiming to beat the goalkeeper. We really hope the added dimension and depth of play in Tiny Striker will be welcomed by current Tiny Sport game fans.” added Barker.

Tiny Striker on iOS:
Tiny Striker on Android:

Check out the launch trailer here! :