Tips on what to do before and during a Madden tournament.


There are many ways to handle a tournament, but there are only a couple of ways that will get you first place. The week of the tournament  is important because that is your practice week. Even pros have to practice or they will be rusty when they play. Since you won’t know everyone who will be in the Madden Tournament it is important to get online and play a variety of people so you can be prepared for anything. Even though you should practice you should not overdue it. If you burn yourself out during the week it could affect your performance greatly. You also don’t want to go into a long losing streak before a tournament. As the week gets closer to the tournament tone it down on the practice and don’t play the day before to give yourself some rest.

Many games will be won before they are played due to excellent scouting. When you don’t have a match going watch the other people. Concentrate on the game that has the opponent that you may face next. If you don’t know who you are going to face then concentrate on who you think is the best player. Look at how he plays, look at what makes him nervous, look at his go to plays. If you look at his go to plays you have extra time to think about how your going to counter that when you play him. Another benefit to scouting is that you might see something you would like to do and include it in your gameplan. Ask around the tournament area to find out who is good and watch them play. Preparation during the tournament could be the difference between losing in the first round or making a deep run.