Today we announce a new Video Game Tournament in San Diego

I am pleased to announce our new events that will be taking place throughout San Diego starting this year! The events will be on a more personal level with us and our readers meaning nothing huge or big scale (at the moment cause we know these things tend to grow) and they will not be held at a store/mall instead at a hall/meeting space, etc.

The reason we want to make these events more personal with you guys is because we will also be using these events to scout for an official Team and new Staff members to join the site.

Also our reason for these events is because we’ve been hearing the feedback from everyone who has attended  previous events or have been to ones that we’ve covered  and our goal is to fix all the issues everyone has had in the past.

First of all us here at will be running every event/tournament to ensure things run right we’ve been and have done hundreds of events in the past so we got the experience, but we are human and sometimes shit happens.

Secondly by popular demand we will have CASH prize tournaments (its all about the cash right?)

Yes yes we know we’ve tried to have events like this in the past but have had to delay or cancel cause of sponsors flaking or stalling and we’ve had enough. this time to avoid any sponsor politics that will delay us from doing this or other crap we will forgo having any, but that comes at a price this means we will have to do a Bring Your Own Equipment event  that means if you wish to participate you will have to bring your console, display, copy of the game/games you want to compete in and of course a controller.

If bringing your stuff is not a big deal then you’re set to play in our tournaments which we will be running 4v4 (Halo, Black Ops, MW2) tournaments also 2v2 (Halo, Black Ops, MW2) tournaments and 1v1 SSF4, Marvel vs Capcom 3 tournaments and if we get enough people we will do a Super Smash bros. Brawl/Melee single and team tournaments

Now i know what your thinking what if not enough teams show up?  you and your team want to win cash right? well that’s ok cause Black Ops has inspired us to do something called a “wager match” in case that happens and  if you don’t know where i’m getting at then this event is not for you.

There will be an entry fee of $20 per person at the door, We wish it could be free but we’re only charging to cover renting the location the good news is the $20 bucks will allow you to enter as many tournaments as you want through out the event.

Now as for ground rules since mostly everyone seems to have Xbox 360’s that will be the console of choice for everyone to bring if you got a PS3 make sure you know other people that are also bringing theirs you don’t want to be the only person standing there with a PS3 other then that pretty much anything goes its your console with your profile is in there so have fun, also by popular demand (and I’m looking at you Andy lol)  you can cuss all the fuck you want but only at yourself or your screen we would all love to hear you tell yourself that you fucking suck that day. we  just don’t want to hear anything towards your opponents or teammate (show some sportsmanship guys). Shit talking is fine with me, but you better back it up cause your ass kicking will make the site.

As for the million dollar question…………… when? as soon as we get atleast 25 RSVPs we’ll look for a location, book it and we’ll post the details here. So if you want in and think you got what it takes to win some cash RSVP us at if your playing solo let us know ,if you got a team let us know your team name, amount of players, everyone’s name and if you have a team captain.

Disclaimer: and the location where the event’s will be taking place are not responsible for any lost,stolen or damaged equipment. Modded Consoles or controllers are not allowed to avoid cheating and complaints from other participates, no refunds will be issued once tournaments begin, if you are caught cheating you will be kicked out of the event and will not be refunded. if you are in a team and are accused of cheating and the rest of the team is not then the cheating member will be kicked out and that team can continue on.