Tom Clancy’s The Division – March 8

The Division, a third person shooter, lets gamers explore New York City after a virus, which spread through currency. Ubisoft, the company behind the upcoming title, let gamers know that the average play time for the 6.4 million players was more than five hours. Two of those hours were spent in the Dark Zone, an area where players can explore and search for good items. Ubisoft also mentioned that close to 50 percent of the players turned into rogue agents in the Dark Zone. There were more than 63 million items extracted from the area. That’s a lot of items and waiting time.

The Dark Zone, which is one of the most interesting parts about the game, offers lots of great items. The problem is not finding them, it is extracting them. All of the items you find in the area are contaminated, so you have to extract them. When you try to, the game tells other players about it. This means that you have to fight for what you found, making this an interesting experience for all the players exploring the area.