Top 5 Call of duty titles released so far

Call of duty has been killing all other FPS and other shooters for over a decade. Many have tried to match the excitement and thrill but failed countless times. There is no call of duty killer it will do that on its own.


Advance Warfare brought players movement that was never seen before. The exo suit was simple and easy to maneuver throughout the maps. The maps gave the players a three point alley runway with hidden corners in between. The navigation well balance system from weaponry to customization of the characters was exciting. Although the connection issue ruin the gameplay throughout the season overall it is to this day the best call of duty ever created.


Modern Warfare 3 brought more players together than any other call of duty released. The clan war battling system was the first of its kind. The DLC season pass gave gamers exciting new maps on a monthly bases from the 1v1, 2v2, 3v3 map sets that kept players engaged daily. Mw3 had one of the best connection connectivity and the weapons were well balanced and very few over powered gunnies.


Black ops 1 open the door for competitive play that debut on the ps3. Bo1 had every little issues to none but the developers did little to nothing to bring more to the players. The weapons were top tier and the connection issue had no problems staying connected to online gameplay. Bo1 was a basic FPS but at its core it’s a great game for a few hours.


Black ops 2 is known for the best competitive play for call of duty but the connection ruin this game hands down.


Call of duty 4 started it all for online competitive play. Other than been a classic for its genre it never evolved. Gamers are excited for the remastered but they will soon realize the gameplay is slow the weapons don’t feel the same and the maps are too chaos to gain a competitive feel like the titles after it.

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