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The Chargers used to be one of the most talented teams in the NFL. Check that, they were the MOST talented team in the NFL. Tomlinson, Turner, Sproles, Rivers, Jackson, Gates, Phillips, Cooper, Neal, Floyd, all of these guys were in the same team at one point, that point was with the chargers. What happened to all that talent? They were let go by our horrible management and went on to have success somewhere else. The Chargers are now a below average team. A couple of years ago picking the top 5 would have been hard, now its hard picking players after Eric Weddle. The chargers have Weddle at least.

1. Eric Weddle- The best safety in the league. Yes he’s better than Ed Reed, and Troy Polamalu. Simply because Eric Weddle is the best right now. We are not talking about back then, we are talking about right now, and there is no one better than Weddle. Matt Ryan had an interview once before a chargers game in which he stated he was scared to throw his way because of how much of a Beast Eric Weddle is. His words, not mine. The Chargers are incredibly lucky to have him.

2. Donald Butler- Butler is a rising star on the team. He is incredibly talented in both the run game and the passing game. Hes got great speed as well. He also has great hands which is a huge plus.

3. Antonio Gates- Gates used to be one of the  best players on the team. He is still a good player but not the best. He has recently slowed down, and his soft hands have been dropping passes as of late.

4. Malcolm Floyd- Floyd is a freak of nature. He also has an underdog story. He was on the practice squad and worked his way up to number 1 receiver. Floyd and Jackson made up one of the best receiver combinations in the NFL. He continues to be great.

5. Shaun Phillips- Yup Rivers did not make the top five. You cannot make a top 5 if you throw 20 interceptions, and have 10 fumbles. Phillips makes the top 5 because he is a great pass rusher, and he creates turnovers.


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  1. avatar Abraham - Founder/ CEO/ Editor in Chief says:

    What! first of all Rivers has to be on the list, the man had no line or left tackle for the first 10 games! forcing him to rush his passes and in turn caused turnovers. Just look at the last 6 games he had only 1 INT when he got his line back compare to 14 in the first 10 games. No QB without a good LT would fair any better, there’s a reason Brady and Manning sit in the pocket all day and it’s cause they both have bulldozers at LT.

    Other honorable mentions would be Jackie Battle,Danario Alexander and Corey Liuget.

    And ONLY cause his name is Atari (yes after the gaming company/console) Atari “Pong” Bigby

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