Top 5 Corners in the NFL


The corner back position has never been so important to the NFL as it is right now. Having a great corner can be the difference between a stop and a touchdown. As receivers are getting better, corners need to be on their top game. Not every team has a great corner though. These next guys are all elite. There will be many left out because there is a lot of top talent.

1. Darrelle Revis- Revis is the best corner in the game. He has the ability to completely take away the offenses best guy. He has deceptive speed and great hands. The term Revis Island shows how much of a shutdown corner he is. A 99 overall in madden is pretty special too.

2. Richard Sherman- Sherman has stepped his game up during his first two years. Sherman plays a physical type of play that makes receivers struggle to get open. He is also a play maker in every game. He was able to get 8 interceptions this season.

3. Charles Tillman- Tillman is a beast of a corner. He led the league in forced fumbles as a corner. He was also able to get into the end zone multiple times. He also managed to shut down Calvin Johnson for a whole game. If Tillman were a bit younger he could make a case for being the best in the league.

4. Tim Jennings- Jennings really elevated his game this year. He led the league in interceptions and was able to get some scores. Jennings has speed to burn. He is a playmaker just like Tillman.

5. Jonathan Joseph- Joseph is a crucial part of the Texans defense. He is their number one guy. He is able to shut out big time receivers. He has great hands and can make good breaks on the ball.

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  1. The only guy that I agree with on this list is Richard Sherman. Revis didn’t even play last year so I guess he get’s in on a career achievement. What about Ladarius Webb from the Ravens or Patrick Peterson from the Cardnals ?

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