Top 5 Players on the Broncos


The Broncos had a great offseason last year and managed to go from an 8-8 record, to a league best 13-3. Much of that had to do with the signing of Peyton Manning. There are however other good players on the teams. Even though they lost a heart breaker in the playoffs, they are still a team stacked with some young talent. There are play makers on both sides of the ball. Here are there top 5

1. Peyton Manning- Peyton is without a doubt the best player on the team. For some reason teams still cant figure him out and he continues to make plays. Manning is a smart as they come. Manning finally was able to overcome his biggest threat that has plagued him his whole career, the San Diego Chargers.

2. Von Miller- Miller is a close second to Manning. He has an incredibly high motor. He is an X factor type of player. Von Miller is the best Outside linebacker in the league, and he is only two years in. Only Aldon Smith has had a similar impact.

3. Demaryius Thomas- Thomas is a beast at wide receiver. He has a great mix of speed and hands. He showed his potential this year with Peyton Manning throwing him the ball. Decker and Thomas make a great combination.

4. Champ Bailey- Bailey continues to play at a great level despite his old age. He has been a top five player for the broncos for a really long time now. Bailey is a great leader and playmaker.

5. Erick Decker- Decker is a beast. He has insane hands and deceptive speed. He was Manning’s go to guy this year. He was reliable every game. He worked the harder routes instead of always going deep. He will continue to be a top player for many years to come.


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  1. The cockiness of a Bronco fan who’s team just won the super bowl, you know since being the number 1 seed and all…….oh wait…. hahaha.

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