Top 5 Quaterbacks in the NFL


The most important position in the NFL is the quarterback position. There are only a few quarterbacks who are in the elite club. Some people will debate the number one guy, some people will debate the number 5 guy, but all in all the top 5 are relatively the same. Here are the top 5 Quarterbacks in the league right now.

1. Tom Brady- Brady is the most accomplished quarterback in the league right now. He is a competitor every single game. He is a leader, he is basically the Patriots team. You can always count Brady to be productive, and consistent. Hands down the best quarterback because as long as he is on the team they are always Superbowl contenders.

2. Drew Brees- The reason Brees is higher than Rodgers is because Brees continues to put up ridiculous stats year in and year out. Brees does not have the height, the arm, the legs, or the receivers that Rodgers has, but he is till able to tear it up every year.

3. Aaron Rodgers- Rodgers has a great mix of mobility and accuracy. He is a great quarterback, but i would rather take Brady or Brees over him. He is a playmaker however.

4. Peyton Manning- By now someone should have figured out how to stop Peyton by now. However Peyton keeps on getting wins for his team, he is a cerebral quarterback and one of the best.

5. Andrew Luck- Im picking Luck over Ryan because Luck does not have the great receiving options that Ryan does. He was still able to throw for over 4000 yards. He led the league in 4rth quarter comebacks. He turned a 2-14 team into an 11-5 team. He was asked to do this mostly by himself. One day Luck will be the number 1 quarterback in the League.

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  1. LOL No dissrepect to Tom but he’s a role player in the greatest offensive system outside of the New Orleans Saints. Now granted he’s to most accomplished but he is very limited outside of the system. To use a basketball anology Tom Brady is the Tim Duncan of the NFL.

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