Top 5 reasons why it’s foolish to perdict who is going to win the Super Bowl at this point in the season.


Every NFL season people ranging from professional NFL Analysts to even the guy at the checkout counter at the corner store feel like they know “who’s going to the Superbowl”. Honestly you can make a compelling argument no matter what time you pick at this point in the season, unless you are like 1 and 7 or something like that. I really tend not to get into those kind of discussions and hear are my top 5 reasons why.

5) Most teams haven’t played the tough parts of their schedules yet.

The way the NFL season is setup it’s designed to make sure that teams have to play harder later into the year. The divisional races are not decided in the last three weeks of the season now. The divisional games are usually the tougher games for teams because they know each other so well, and also that’s where a teams biggest rivals are, and we all know that in rivalry games EVERY GAME COUNTS

4) The Weather

Yes the weather, there are teams that are designed the thrive during the later months of the season. These teams are usually your more physical, veteran laden teams such as the Steelers, 49ers, The Giants etc. The weather effects the outcome of football games a lot more in the months of November through January. So look for teams like the Steelers” hint hint” and the Bears to really hit their stride during this time period.

3) The Law of Averages

Every year players that have hot starts like a “RG3 or even a Tom Brady” will tend to slow down their production towards the later part of any given season. This is usually do the fact the NFL coaches are really really good at what they do. So what worked in September and October probably won’t work as well come October thru January.

2) Position Coaches make more of a difference than you think

Head coaches get and deserve a lot of credit for what their teams are able to accomplish overall in the NFL. However the fortunes of many NFL teams a based in their ability to develop the ” Diamonds in the rough” that are on their rosters. This duty is mostly left up to position coaches. Prime example for the Giants last season the emergence of Jason Pierre Paul and Victor Cruz totally changed the dynamic of their team. How did that happened because neither one of them where picked high in the draft, two words “Position Coaches”

1) On Any Given Sunday

The saying the title of a good movie but it’s actually true. The NFL Playoffs are a single Elimination Tournament. Most times the “Best Team” doesn’t win the Superbowl. Case in point when the Packers won the Super Bowl 2 years ago they were a 9 and 7 football teams until the playoffs started. Then all of a sudden they got hot and they couldn’t be stopped. The next year the Packers went 15 and 1 but then ran into last years hot team the New York Giants who were 9 and 7 got hot and the rest is history.

See the next time you get into another heated debate about who’s gonna win it all just remember these points that I have brought up because the majority of these things just seem to happen every year. So watch out and stay away from Vegas.

Lamar - Sports Editor

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