Top 5 Running Backs


The Running Back position used to be the most important one in the whole NFL. Backs would dominate games in the older days. There used to be great running backs on every other team. Nowadays the position have been devalued and finding a good running back is pretty hard. They days of Ladanian Tomlinson are over. However there is one running back who currently dominates  the league right now. Here are the following top 5 backs.

1. Adrian Peterson- This guy is a monster. He dominates the game like no other. Peterson is the best pure runner in the whole game. He will continue to put up huge numbers year in and year out. It seems like no one can stop Peterson.

2. Arian Foster- If Peterson was not in the league, Foster would be the best overall back. He is balanced in the running game. He is an avid catcher which makes him a great dual threat.

3. Lesean McCoy- McCoy is a beast of a running back. He has speed to burn for days. He is probable the best dual threat in the whole league. His cutting ability makes him one of the best backs out there.

4. Marshawn Lynch- Lynch has this ability to go beast mode and run over people. His ability to break tackles is in incredible. That alone makes him one of the top backs.

5. Frank Gore- Gore is a top 5 running back because he is consistent. He has always been consistent. He has underrated speed as well. He has great catching abilities as well.

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