Top 5 Safeties in the the NFL

eric weddle

As the NFL gets faster and bigger every position needs to evolve. The safety position has grown dramatically over the past few years. Safeties  are the last lime of defense, and as of late there has been a great deal of talent at the position. From Polamalu to Ed Reed safeties have all kinds of different abilities. There are a couple of safeties that stand out however. Here are the top 5

1.Eric Weddle- Weddle is the best safety in the NFL right now. He has insane smarts that allow him to play the way he does. Weddle makes incredible plays every single game. He is a leader to the defensive unit. As the last line of defense there could not be anyone better to play safety. Weddle has incredible hands and great tackling skills.

2. Earl Thomas- Thomas is a great athletic safety. He is able to make incredible plays all over the field. He makes the Seahawks have their great secondary because of all the ground he can cover. He has great speed and great hands.

3. Ed Reed- Reed used to be the best safety in the league. Due to age he has declined a little bit. Reed however has incredible speed and hard hitting abilities. He also has great hands. Reed also has great leadership skills.

4. Troy Polamalu- Polamalu is a great safety when he is healthy. He is one of the biggest hitters at the position. Polamalu also has great hands and speed. He is usually a factor in every game he plays in.

5. Devon McCourty- McCourty has become a rising star at the safety position. Since the move from corner he has become a great play maker. He has speed and hands that help him get out of hard situations. If he continues to play like he is he will be a future star for a long time.






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