Top 5 Teams in FIFA 13

fifa13logoprimaryrgb5th: We start our list off with none other than reigning UCL Champions, Chelsea. Although you will no longer be able to play with Drogba, Chelsea have regained their goals by signing Lukaku and Eden Hazard. Chelsea is able to stop the attack and then counter-attack it effectively.

4th: Manchester United, with Wayne Rooney and Robin van Persie as the best strike partnership in all of FIFA. The squad is, as always, extremely deep and there will be many top quality players to choose from. They are the most successful club in the history of England, and with the team they have on display, you will be able to continue their success in FIFA 13. With speed down the flanks and solid players in the middle, you’ll have a hard time losing if you choose Man U.

3rd: Manchester City, they have a perfectly balanced team all over the field which makes the team even better to play with. The striking force Tevez and Aguero is absolutely deadly.They are both amazing players and I really enjoyed playing with them. They also have a good defense that’s hard to get through, But overall it’s a good team.

2nd: Real Madrid, scoring goals in their habit. With a better attack than any other squad in the game, there’s an endless number of ways to put the ball in the back of the net.Whether it’s Karim Benzema with a blast, Cristiano Ronaldo with a sweet free kick or Mesut Ozil with that perfect through ball, you will have an abundance of players with which to impose your will on your opponent. And if all else fails, you’ve got the world’s best goalkeeper in net.

1st: Barcelona, Known for their ability to create amazing plays and goal, Barcelona is the best team in FIFA 13. With so many big names, from Lionel Messi to Dani Alves, there’s a multitude of attacking options to choose from, and the passing ability of the squad allows those of us who really enjoy strategy to plot the perfect plan of attack and dominate possession like Barcelona are known for doing. If you’re looking for the best team, Barcelona is the one you’re looking for.