Top Five Positions in Madden 13


In Madden it may seem simple enough to pick the top rated teams and play with them. However there are a couple of underrated teams out there that will give you a better chance to win. The Colts have a great Madden team, even though their ratings are not as high. There are a couple of positions that matter a lot more than others in the game because of the impact that they have. Here are the following.

1. Quarterback- One may think that the Quarterback position can be played well by anyone in the game. That is false, a quarterback with great accuracy can take you a long way in Madden.

2. Tight End- Tight ends are really important in the game now. Tight ends can cause a number of match up problems with the AI on defense which makes them great weapons.

3. Fast Receivers- You need a speed guy in Madden. Whether its the yards after the catch, or the deep pass a speed guy will help you out a whole lot.

4. Middle Linebacker- You need a great middle linebacker with high awareness in order to shut down the run game. This position is often overlooked.

5. Running Back- The truth is that you can play a good game with out an elite running back. However when you play with an elite running back you can tell the difference, as it makes gameplay a lot easier.