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Torchlight II: Hardcore Love Hate Relationship

The past couple of days I decided to embark on a maiden voyage for me, a hardcore character in Torchlight II. I knew what I was getting into, but even now in retrospect it makes me angry and happy at the same time. I decided that I would make an Ember Mage for my first hardcore character and for some reason, which I can only guess is I hated myself a little I would play on Elite difficulty….By myself.

Eight hours in and everything is going great I have had a few close calls, but so far so good. Then the moment of truth arrives and I have to fight the Act I boss. Kitting as best as I can running around like a merry go round casting my Lightning bolts over and over while popping potions I am sure I have the fight in the bag….then the unthinkable happens. I SNEEZE causing me to miss click and fail to use a health potion. As I look at the corpse of my Ember Mage I die a little inside. Tomorrow I will start my next hardcore character as long as I am not upset still…Forever remembered Freya the Ember Mage.