“Toxicity” in Video Game Players


This topic is something that is prevalent across any kind of gaming platform, and to almost any type of game. What I will address today is how “raging” and “toxicity” is something that currently plagues players of all kinds, and is something that should be brought to the attention of all gamers, because it affects all gamers.

“Raging” is probably a term most gamers have heard of, and usually accompanies yelling/screaming/cursing on a low end, to racial slurs/controller throwing/death threats on the high end. Every gamer has experienced a moment of rage, whether it be to a game bug or cheap tactic in multiplayer games, frustration is something that can become unavoidable. However, most gamers do not realize how much this can hurt other players as well. New players do not like be be berated for their low level of gameplay, simply because they do not know how to play the game yet, and experienced players do not like to hear it either. Whether you be noob or 1337 pro, you have to consider that every single person you yell at, or curse at, is a person behind a monitor somewhere in the world.

Sending messages of rage isn’t cool either, it simply shows how much you can let a game control you. If you get angry at a game so much that you feel like you’re about to blow a fuse, turn it off, walk outside, do some pushups, or something else that can let you release your rage. Although people exist that only want to “troll” you by intentionally screwing up your gameplay (aka teamkilling, not playing objective, etc.) you have to be the better person and let it go, because as a gamer, you represent the community, and games are all meant to be played for fun.