Toxin Zombie AnniHilation (mobile) free in celebration of cannes

The teams at IndustryWorks Pictures and Disrupted Logic Interactive are excited to announce the game Toxin: Zombie Annihilation is now available for free on iTunes, Google Play and the Amazon App Store for the month of May in celebration of the game and movie being a part of the 2013 Cannes Film Market and Festival. This represents a major milestone for us and is an incredible achievement. We’re also hosting a game event night during the festival, which I think is a first ever for Cannes.” explained the game’s producer Tom Raycove.

About Game:

Toxin: Zombie Annihilation is a First-Person-Shooter for Android and iOS mobile set in the present day where a rogue military commander has unleashed a toxin on unwitting citizens. The toxin has the deadly power of turning ordinary people into mindless killing machines who are impervious to pain. You are Lt. John Paxton, one of the best the military has ever produced. You are armed with a Beretta, an M16 and unlimited grenades. Your mission is to make your way through endless waves of raging zombies and fight your way to saving humanity.

The game’s narrative and structure is inspired by the upcoming stereoscopic 3D action horror motion picture TOXIN-3D directed by Tom Raycove and produced by Evolution Pictures, a division of IndustryWorks Pictures of Vancouver, BC. The feature film is being introduced at the Cannes 2013 Film Festival in Cannes, France, this May 15, 2013 at Booth B-3 Riviera where filmmakers and press can see the movie and play the game.

About Movie:

In the movie Toxin 3D, the Zombie genre is turned on its head. Colonel Magnuson has stolen a deadly toxin developed by the military to turn soldiers into super fighting machines. The toxin has the undesirable side effect of turning people into Ragers; these are not the dead but rather very much the living! Lt. John Paxton stands as humanity’s only chance for survival against this deadly agent and must stop Magnuson to save the world.

List of Game Features:
· Fast, intense Run-n-Gun Action FPS game play

· Old-School Arcade inspired visuals and art design

· Endless Dynamic Waves of enemies to Face Off

· 5 Challenging Rooms to Explore

· Unlimited Grenades

· Selection of Weapons