Trine Review for the PC


Let me tell you a story about Good vs Evil and how three brave souls began a daring quest to rid the land of the Demons that threatened to destroy it. I hope that helped you build a picture in your mind of a dark and magical fantasy world where danger lurks around every corner because that pretty much sums up the story line of the game  Trine from the FROSTBYTE. Let me say that Trine is one of the most beautiful looking PC game I have ever played, I mean I was blow away by the look of the game, it reeled me right in and had me believing I had been transported to a magical fantasy realm. It also has a very impressive audio presentation with the perfect fantasy music soundtrack to set the mood, superb voice narrations and very cool background sounds from the sound of thunder to the sound of flowing water to the sounds of your Thief pulling back her Bow to the sound of a sword hitting your Warrior shield.

Trine is a very cool puzzle game that features 15 levels of physics-based puzzles. In the game you play as a Wizard, a Warrior and a Knight,  you end up switching between characters on the fly to whoever is better suited to help you pass a certain part of a level.You select the character you want to use be by pushing  either 1, 2 and 3 on the keyboard and control them by using the W,A,S,D and SpaceBar keys in combination with the mouse, I feel these controls really work well for this game. Each character has it’s own special powers and abilities that help you navigate the levels. (See Below)

The Wizard-Can summon various Objects into the real world

The Warrior-Can lift and throw heavy objects, Use a sword and shield and hammer

The Thief-Uses a Bow and a grappling hook

As you play through the levels you will find green experience vials hidden in various places, these will allow you to level up your characters. You will also recieve skill points that you can spend on your chracters skill tree’s to give them an added advantage in the game. When your health and power levels start to get low doing worry you can replinish them with a health or power vial  which are dropped by some of the various creatures in the game.  Make sure to keep a sharp eye out for Treasure Chests in the game they always have some sweet stuff for your characters to use.

Having played through the whole game, to me it seemed like the first 14 levels of the game were training levels meant to prepare you for the final level where I died quite a few times and I mean quite a few times before I finally finished the game.I really liked the mix of puzzle solving with the ability to enhance your character skills and abilities, I had a very fun time and I would recommend this game to anyone who enjoys a game very cool looking game with some very cool level designs. I would also say this game has high replay value because when you go for another play through you might end up using your charcters differently then you previously had. Check it out I got my copy for the PC off of STEAM but trine is also availiable for the PS3.

I give Trine an 8 out of 10.