TRITTON Kunai Stereo Headset Review

Our friends at Madcatz have sent another great headset to cover, the TRITTON Kunai Stereo Gaming headsets.

 Comfort and Design

A petite version of the TRITTON Pro+ 5.1 True Surround Headset, the TRITTON Kunai are lightweight yet sturdy with cushioned ear cups, great for prolonged use.  The adjustable headband makes it possible to accommodate different head sizes.


Set up is plug in-and-play; it does so easy there’s no struggling with so many connections and add-ons that you get tired by the time you actually have to play.

The Stereo jack is easy to plug in your PS Vita, but it can also be used with any other device with the compatibility of the Kunai stereo jack. I was able to connect it to my iPhone, listen to music and make phone calls as well.

The Kunai Stereo headsets are optimized to be used with Sony devices such as a PS3 or the PS Vita.


Sound in amazing, very crisp and clear, they buffer out any outside noise without having to blast your volume up.

Set Contains:

14 Foot headset connector cable

Removable Microphone

Stereo jack that is easy to connect to any device compatible.

An independent Voice and Volume Control


Final Thoughts

I personally recommend the TRITTON Kunai headsets to anyone who is looking for a great pair of headsets, lightweight, not bulky and at an amazing affordable price of $59.99. Also available in 3 different colors: Red, White and Black.

I give the Kunai Stereo Headsets a 9 out of 10.