Tunnel Town gets massive Holiday and social update



Tunnel Town, the wildly popular iOS app, has just released its Thanksgiving update – the largest update to the game since its launch earlier this year.

With over a quarter million downloads, Tunnel Town has been a top ranking iOS app for players of all ages. The first iOS game to let players design an underground world for virtual pets that is totally unique, entirely interactive, and all in 3D, is a tremendous success; and the latest update doesn’t disappoint. Since launch, seven new bunny species have been released, including the new, time-limited Autumn collection: Autumn, Plymouth, and Gobbler bunnies.

Players will also be happy to hear about the addition of Facebook integration, so they can easily play on multiple iOS devices using the same player account. Players will also be able to invite their friends to join them in Tunnel Town to build their own underground empire, visit one another’s burrows, and share photos of new baby bunnies.

For more information on Tunnel Town visit http://www.tunneltown.com