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Turtle Beach Ear Force XO Three Review

I’ve reviewed many gaming headset over the past few years from all makes and models ranging from Razer to Astros to everything in between. It’s been awhile since i’ve reviewed any Turtle Beach products and i’ve been itching to try their newer line of products, thankfully I was given the opportunity to try out the new XO Ear Force Gaming Headset


The XO Threes are pretty solid they don’t feel like they’re going to break in a weak, though most of the headset is made of plastic i was surprised how well made it was. The ear cups are large enough to cover your ears, the boom mic is of course the standard metal-flexible mic but one thing that stands out about it compare to other headsets i’ve use is that it’s very long nothing bad but i thought it was a little but too much.


Comfort might be the most important feature of headsets next to sound. The comfort in these headsets is simply amazing. When you put them on they feel extremely comfortable you hardly feel them on after long periods of gaming. The ear cups are soft and are covered with fabric which was a nice change I’ve been recently use to the leather like covers.


The mic on the XO Three is great I don’t like having to speak loudly into my headset for the other person to hear me XO s are perfect for that, I did not have to yell into my mic in order for the other person to hear me clearly. The flexibility of the mic is amazing allowing you to position it pretty much anywhere you like, friends who i was playing with told me that they were able to hear me loud and clear while gaming.


The real reason any one would buy a gaming headset is for the sound and the XO three does not disappoint clear crisp 50mm speakers giving you a full surround sound experience. Both chat and games sounded amazing, volume and mic muting can be easily done from the built.

The XO Three headset it delivers on both major points sounds and comfort. And since it uses 3.5mm connector you can pretty much use them with almost anything.
I give the XO Three a 8 out of 10.