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TurtleStrike threatens the world with nuclear devastation July 25

Strategy meets nature’s tanks in TurtleStrike; a uniquely competitive experience from eeGon, featuring multiplayer-only gameplay and tournaments with real-cash prizes, coming to iOS and Android on July 25.

Outfit your squad of war-mongering reptiles with the latest advancements in missiles, torpedoes, and other top-secret weaponry. Spice up your play-style with devious abilities such as napalm and poison, or maybe kick it old-school with the tried and true art of catapulting stones. From classic green to pink, metal to zombie flesh, TurtleStrike has customization in spades.

eeGon believes that skill comes first, and competitive multiplayer should never be decided by the depths of players’ wallets. To keep matches balanced, players must earn the right to move into higher tiers of equipment with more challenging opponents. This keeps new players from buying their way to the top, and powerful players from picking on the fresh meat.

Strategy-fans can look for TurtleStrike July 25 in the App Store and on Google Play.
Features of TurtleStrike include:

– Live, turned-based strategy. Turns are timed and simultaneous, so no waiting for slow opponents.
– Tailor your attack strategy with over 80,000 combinations of weapons and armor.
– Special weapons, including Tesla coils and bloodthirsty sharks.
– Tournaments with actual rewards, including real money.
– Really… turtles with explosives. Need we say more?

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