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Twitch next marathon: Mr. Rogers

If you guys are not familiar with Twitch marathons, there are times where they would stream a random TV series back to back straight until all the episodes have been shown. 

The next upcoming Twitch marathon is Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood. That’s right, one of the most touching, deepest, coat wearing, and meaningful man of the 20th century will have his tv show be streamed as part of the next twitch marathon. If you have never heard of him then this is probably a good time to check it out. His TV show is a show for kids but unlike most tv shows where they would cover it up with symbolism and a happy kid fantasy land; Mr.Roger show is a kid show that is not afraid to go to the most happiest place in real life and the hardest, darkest, and saddest part in real life but not without comfort. 

Mr. Roger’s neighborhood is set to be stream on Monday, May 15, at 12 PM PT/3 PM EST for the course of 18 days. Estimating it will end on June 3. Mr.Roger’s has a total of 886 episodes.