Two New Games Based Off The Hobbit To Come Out This Fall

Kabam a company specializing in MMOs Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment have teamed up to co-publish two new games based off Peter Jackson’s “The Hobbit” movie. Their will be two games that will be released, one for mobile devices and one designed for web based play. Under the present deal Kabam will operate both games which will be multiplayer strategy games.

The First game “The Hobbit:Kingdoms of Middle Earth” will be exclusively for mobile devices. In this game you will be able to start and build your own kingdom and join with friends to launch epic battles worthy of Middle Earth lore. The second Game “The Hobbit: Armies Of The Third Age” is for web based play. In this game you take control of one of the races of middle earth and duke it out, with the ability also to choose a hero unit from some of your favorites such as Bilbo and Gandalf.

Now I am sure that we are all used to the video game version of games coming out before the actual movie but in this case I am sure that this “Free” games is only part of the hype that they want to build up around the world for the movie. With that said I am not the one to look a gift horse in the mouth but, their is a but, we will see as to how well they develop the game and weather or not they keep up the “free” part for very long.

If you want they are starting the beta soon that is on 25 September if you want to see for yourself here is the link I know that this is the first of many games, both good and bad, that will be made of the hobbit the movie but as a fan of the original book I have high hope and look forward to battling the orcs of middle earth once again.