Ubisoft and Netflix Maybe Working Together

We are all witnesses to the streaming giant Netflix producing great content with original series to working with other studios to turn some comic book characters into a tv show. This has been a trend for Netflix to scoop in and grab cancel shows from other tradition programming networks for whatever reason and introduce it to a new audience which resulted in a huge amount of people to gravitate  towards Netflix like Longmire, The Killing just to name a couple.

Ubisoft has taken notice of the success Marvel is having with DareDevil on the streaming service and are in talks with Netflix to tap into some of that.

Ubisoft has done tv show series in the past working with Nickelodeon on Rabbids Invasion and introducing other original series like Tom Clancy’s The Division and Agent Origins to be streamed on Amazon streaming service.

It is rumored  that an Assassin’s Creed or Watchdogs spin-off is certainly possible.