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Ultra Street Fighter 4: Supers and Ultras for the new characters (so far)


Today at Capcom-Unity four videos were releasing showing off the supers and ultras for the new guys (and girls) Poison, Elena, Rolento, and Hugo in the latest installment in the Street Fighter series; Ultra Street Fighter IV. All of them have retained their supers from Street Fighter x Tekken, but have given a second ultra and a super move so they can fit within the Street Fighter engine.

These are said to be works in progress; so they’re being refined at the moment, so they may or may not look different at the game’s official release.

First up is Poison, her super is called Thunder Whip; and her Ultras are called Love Storm and Poison Kiss.

Then there’s Elena; with Spinning Beat being her super, and Brave Dance and Healing as her Ultras. It’ll be interesting to see how people will use her Ultra II, since its not very often to see a healing move in a fighting game.

Up next is Rolento; who has Mine Sweeper as his super, and Patriot Sweeper and Take no Prisoners as his Ultras. Even though I never played a lot of Alpha 3, I always thought that Rolento had some cool supers in that game; so I’m glad to see them make a comeback.

Finally, there’s Hugo; with Hammer Mountain as his super, and Gigas Breaker and Megaton Press. Anti air Ultras are always fun to use and watch, it looks like Hugo’s won’t be any different.

This concludes the reveal of the new Ultras and Supers, but the real news everyone is waiting for is the mystery 5th character that’s being added. News is slowly coming out about the new Street Fighter, so we’ll have to wait and see.

The game is rumored to come to consoles mid-July of next year, but be sure to check back to be up to date with news.


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