Update on our monthly event.

Sorry for the late update on our big event, it’s been a busy week. Well i’m pleased to announce that we hit our number and we are currently in search for a location hopefully we can get one by the end of the week  which will mean the event would be held on the 26th but nothing is official yet, we’ll be posting more news soon.

So RSVP asap to lock you or your team in just in case we have limited space for the event.

When you RSVP please let us know how many are in your team or if your solo, who is your team captain and what console(s) are you bringing, the preferred console is Xbox 360 but if we get enough PS3 we can use them too.

We will be running different tournaments at this event depending on numbers and what people want to play, games we are planning on running are and not limited to Black Ops, MW2, Halo Reach, SSF4, MvC3 and we’re trying to get the smash bros community to show up.

Reminder there is a $20 per person fee at the door and this is a Bring Your Own Equipment event  that means if you wish to participate you will have to bring your console, display, copy of the game(s) you want to compete in and of course a controller, we will try to see what we can provide but to avoid risk of you not having anything to play on Bring Your Own Equipment. As we have more of these events we will start providing equipment.

You can RSVP at Events@Fanboygaming.com